At Nova Terra coaching school, we provide the best training to coaches and future coaches leading to an ICF certification by accompanying each of them through deeper self awareness in the process of discovering their hidden talents.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) considers that a coach becomes a professional after a minimum of 125 hours of coach training and 10 hours of mentor coaching (practice comes of top, of course). Our program covers not only this demanding logic requirement but also the coaches’ guidance and mentoring into the market which is crucial for the sustainability of their activity. The ones who already followed a course in another school have the possibility to ‘bridge’ in our program after an assessment of their coaching competencies.

‘Learning by doing’ is the educational method implemented by Nova Terra. The classes are experiential, punctuated by numerous demonstrations by Master Coaches allowing modelling and immediate practical exercises.

After having successfully passed the program, you will be granted your theoretical PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level certificate issued by Nova Terra and accredited by the ICF.

Qfor certificatie

In mei 2022 behaalde NOVATERRA voor de 5de keer het kwaliteitscertificaat Qfor voor de diensten training en consulting.

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