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Scrum increases the emphasis on assessing and driving business value through close collaboration with the delivery team. The Scrum Product Owner establishes the interaction between the business and the delivery team that is so essential to increasing productivity within an Agile organization. Product Owners who assume this crucial role have the ability to guide the team and the process to gain the full benefit of Agile delivery. Participants gain practical tools and techniques for engaging with software delivery teams.


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Public cible et prérequis

This course is suitable for anyone working as a Product Owner, business analyst, functional analyst, tester or project manager in a Scrum environment. It is also very interesting for people in the product, sales and marketing departments of an organization, as well as other interested managers and directors. Since the Product Owner role overlaps with the typical responsibilities of a project manager, we highly encourage project managers and project leads to follow this course if they want to implement Scrum for their projects. And this course is also recommended for ScrumMasters that want to support and coach their Product Owner into doing a great job.

In terms of experience, this course does not require any previous knowledge or experience in Scrum. Both people new to Scrum as people with experience in Scrum will find great value in this training. If you have no Scrum experience, however, we do need you to prepare this course by doing some minimal reading on Scrum. You will get the necessary reading materials after registration.

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06-11-2017 - 07-11-2017
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Elewijt Center
1520 - Elewijt

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01-02-2018 - 02-02-2018
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Regio Gent
9000 - Gent

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Non coché Néerlandais  Non coché Français  Coché Anglais  Non coché Allemand  
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