People management training (leadership basics)

Kluwer Opleidingen / Kluwer Formations

Contenu et objectifs

How can I tackle the situation better? Why do I react like that? All new managers who strive to do things well often question themselves. This training programme teaches you all the tools that will enable you to analyse your style of leadership, communication or conflict resolution and help you to distinguish the positive aspects of leadership from the pitfalls. Tips for self improvement are included along the way and you are continuously given the chance to put the theory into practice with the aid of familiar examples and shared experience.

Type de formation

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Non cochéSoir / Week-End
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Public cible et prérequis

- new managers who are preparing for a position of leadership
- managers who require a framework that will enable them to be more conscious about providing leadership
- managers from the business world, the non-profit sector or public services who work in both small and large organisations

Durée et prix



Prix (Tous les prix sont hors TVA, sauf mention contraire)
Prix total : 2205.00€
Prix / jour : 551.25€
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Les prix sont valables jusqu’au 30 juin 2017 inclus.

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